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barhumh12, 61 лет

О себе

First let me tell you that I am gentle, kind, loyal, very family oriented and financially stable. I have lived most of my life in the USA and Europe. I am searching like everyone else. I am a one woman man. I prefer Western style of life and I lead a very modern life. I like equality between men and women so my future soulmate has to be my friend and lover. I will shoulder her, support her and love her in good and bad times. I noticed that most women from Russia or Ukraine stress the need for family and I like that very much. I love children and wish I had some of my own! Young at heart and spirit and I am very passionate. I am modest yet generous and semi retired.


I want to meet the right women and settle down with her once for all. I prefer women who already speak english. I think the process of choosing the right soulmate will take some time. I hear Ukrainian and Russian woman are fun to be with, loyal, family oriented and most importantly original. Beautiful, educated, loyal, energetic, modest, loyal, sexy, sporty, and adventurous. She likes to travel (preferably with me) and try new things and new horizons. She likes different cultures and foods and especially seafood. She likes music and dancing. She likes fashion and she wears trendy clothes. I don't mind if you have kids, I will take care of them as if they are my own. If you like my profile give me a sign or just say Hello.

Мои интересы

I enjoy cooking for my partner and I know good recipes, one of them is Moules Mariniere (if you speak french) and I cook Mediterranean dishes as well as other dishes. I love sports and I exercise regularly, pilates and body shaping. I have done skiing, windsurfing, scuba diving, and kick boxing. I go the gym regularly and I do pilates and body balance. I love the sea, it is very relaxing and it gives good tanning in the summer! I like traveling a lot and I have been to many countries (including Odessa,Ukraine) but there are still some places I want to see such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, Japan, and Russia, Brazil, Australia, and maybe South Africa. I like reading thrillers, I enjoy street cafes when sunny and with friends. I love Paris as I lived there 5 years.


Возраст61 лет

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Образованиевыпускник университета

ЛокализацияЛиван, Beirut, Ras Beirut

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