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hloridnaya, 41 лет

О себе

Sociable, cheerful. Always glad to support and help if I can. Good sense of humour. A little perfectionist. Emotional. I want to meet a man who will be strong in spirit, with a good sense of humor, gentle, caring. Configured for a long relationship or marriage. If you have children, I will try to build friendly relations with them.


It is great to find that person who can be buried in the shoulder, feel the smell and understand that everything is fine. Someone with whom you can wander around the city in an embrace, be photographed on the phone at each tree and then view these photos. The one with whom you laugh every minute, even if you are in a movie watching a horror movie. The one who not only supports words, but also helps to solve any problem or at least tells you what to do. One who genuinely cares about you. Such a person with whom you can not pretend, but be yourself. With someone not to sleep almost until the very morning - get high, and then let the whole body hurt and eyes stick. Who does the words acquire a special meaning that you two understand.


Возраст41 лет

Знак зодиакаБлизнецы

Семейное полож.разведена

Образованиевыпускник университета

ЛокализацияРоссийская Федерация, Central, Moscow, Meshchansky

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